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Pedro Jesus Landscaping is a company that offers a reliable tree service and maintenance in Belfair, WA. We are ready to offer you a variety of services, including residential and commercial landscaping, tree removal, yard maintenance, tree trimming, spreading gravel, pressure washing and more.  We can handle anything related to the maintenance of your tree, which is why we are the best choice for all your need. With our company, you will also be able to get a quick consultation and an estimate on our work.


Once you contact us for our tree removal, we will come to you and will make sure to get familiar with the work required to meet the needs of your trees. We will also take into consideration your preferences and demands and will provide you with an estimate on the final price. The moment you agree to our terms, we will immediately prepare to start working on the project. You can count on our team of experts to use top-grade equipment to deliver a timely, reliable, and professional services. Make sure you can count on tree removal and maintenance experts, and hire our best landscaper to benefit from our expertise!

We, at Pedro Jesus Landscaping, are dedicated to working hard to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. The size of the project doesn’t matter – we guarantee that our skilled landscaping team will work hard and achieve outstanding results. We are a local landscaping service providers servicing residents of Belfair, WA and the surrounding areas. We work quickly and efficiently and can provide you with a unique landscape design. If you are interested in having custom stone work done to beautify your front or backyard, or just lawn maintenance to improve the appearance of your home, we can help.


 As a reputable landscaping service provider, we offer a variety of services. You can find our more about them in the following paragraphs.


Tree Trimming – Cutting down a tree is something that should be left to professionals. We pride ourselves in the work we do for our customer, so whether you have a tiny tree or a massive one that you want to remove, give us a call. We are trained professionals that will do the job quickly and efficiently.


The key to a great outdoor space is regular maintenance. It is important to maintain both plants and hardscapes for consistent appeal. Although rewarding, this activity can also be time-consuming. If ever you lack the time to maintain your yard in Belfair, WA, let us at Pedro Jesus Landscaping do it for you. We have done dependable yard maintenance in the area for over a decade. Specifically, we can carry out the following maintenance tasks for your yard:


  • Yard Cleanup – A beautiful yard should be free from fallen leaves and other debris. Thus, you can hire us for regular yard cleaning throughout the seasons. We use reliable rakes and other cleaning items throughout the service. This is so we can maintain your yard’s cleanliness in an efficient manner. Removing debris also makes it easy for us to carry out other maintenance tasks.
  • Grass Mowing – It is important to trim grass regularly for proper health and growth. We have the proper skills and equipment to do so for our clients. We will use powerful mowers for quick grass trimming. We make sure to trim the grass at the right height. This is to ensure your yard grass grows well over the years.
  • Fertilizing – Also, we can feed your lawn grass and plants in a proper manner. We do so by studying your yard soil’s acidity level. Performing such activity is crucial to know what nutrients your plants need. With a clear understanding of the soil’s nutrient requirement, we will be able to choose right fertilizers and chemicals for your yard.
  • Irrigation Inspection – If your yard features an irrigation system, we can inspect it for you. When inspecting the system, we make sure to look at every part of it to ensure that we can check issues thoroughly. If there are any, we can provide reliable repair solutions to resolve them.

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